Could you be my teacher?

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"How long till dinner?" -"Five minutes."

The box is empty. But give it a touch.

Douglas stayed absolutely silent.

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He took the public by surprise.

Ernie should come right away.

I hear you studied at Harvard.

She's a slut.

The expense will fall on him.

You two stay here.

That cold shake is full of protein.

The police looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of Nicolo.

I see nothing wrong with it.

An old woman is walking across the road.

The cottages were blown down one after another.

When she kissed me, I felt she was honest with me.

I didn't take part in the conversation.

Have you already tried not thinking of anything?

I have an urgent message for Matthias.

Nadeem is the guy I was telling you about.

I know what Theodore did to Hwa.

He is a tin god.

Ricardo showed me a magic trick.


He is the governor's longtime companion.

I remember playing the original Pac-Man game when I was a kid.

What will you do?


Sidney is too weak to lift himself.

You have blood on your hands.

Can we help them?

This application just eats up your battery.

As I entered the bar, I heard a sad song playing on the jukebox.

I was absent from school because of illness.

That is why he did not agree to what they had proposed.

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I wouldn't lower myself to borrow money.

I'll take you also the printed stuff.

I think this is a nice place.

Ronald is at work.

Sherri will need to go further.

Rudolph has always been fat.

They were determined to travel the length of Vietnam in just eight days.

I suspect that his wife is cheating on him with the postman.

Liza can't stand the sight of blood.

Are you a Filipino?

There's something you don't know about Al.


Those were his last words.


My heart is hurting.


Love alone is not enough for a successful international marriage.

I remember what you told me.

I don't think I know Rainer.

He learned to dive when he was five.

I'm learning how to type.

Please tell me how to get to your house.

They have the most direct effect on people's lives.

He is what is called a champion of justice.

The taxi seemed to go as slowly as a snail.

I am a university student and I want to learn a lot.

Never swim while under the influence of alcohol.

I've been keeping busy.

Ssi tripped over something.

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Come and write your name.


He was in the right place at the right time.

Do you want to turn on the light?

This is a little salty.

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I appreciate your help on this.

Detroit is famous for its car industry.

"Are you a Japanese student?" "Yes, I am."

Let's give Joon a break.

Let's go to the theater early so that we can get good seats.

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I was hoping maybe you could talk to Erik.

Marie, I said, do you have a father?

Don't say anything to anybody.

"Please, sit down," he said.

Why didn't you move?

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I think that she is from Egypt.

No one has the right to tell you how to raise your child.

I have to think about it. I'll try to find another wording.

I felt quite relieved after I had said all I wanted to say.

Ramanan handed Alastair a glass of wine.

I took your umbrella by mistake.

The air has become really heavy.


Rik and I have been close friends for a long time.


They carried the injured man out on a stretcher.

I have some pens.

Bernard lied about his weight.

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I love football.

I usually get up at eight o'clock.

I gave Hitoshi a huge hug.

I appreciate your request to reproduce 70 copies of my report.

It was natural for him to be familiar with jazz.

Tollefsen and Masanao have become close.

Look at that!

Let's find out what Brender wants us to do.

We have something very important that we need to discuss.

You missed her, didn't you?

When I opened my eyes again, all of a sudden an unknown lady was standing right in front of me.

Her daughter fried the meat.

People are dying.


Note that the impetus for change has undergone a series of transformations in this community.

We arrived at the airport three hours before our flight.

The old woman exited the bus.

I don't deny I made a mistake.

Koko continued to learn fast.


The evening of the same day saw our bus reach the scene of the accident.

I think the person I saw in the alley is a private investigator.

We can't predict what'll happen.

The poison spread through his whole body.

He is a numpty.

Role-playing video games are time consuming.

Anatoly couldn't suppress his anger.

You clearly aren't very happy.

She speaks not only English but also French.

It was the gamekeeper who found the body.

My mother does not always get up early.

With this you can make a clean sweep of leftover breakfast smells and such to make the air clean.

After a little time off, I plan to go on another concert tour.

There are a lot of dustballs under the couch.

I'm too busy to help him.

We saw what looked like an oasis in the desert.

Skef stole her ring.

Two thirds of the students came to the reunion.

I prefer to read.

Theo hasn't changed his mind yet and isn't very likely to ever change it.

Mickey is making faces at me.

Lucifer rolled up his pant legs so people could see his bright red socks.

His attitude disgusts me.

When do you give your speech?

Yes, she'll probably come home.

Rodney didn't want to jump into the cold water.

I greet my teacher on the street.

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Ann is going to meet me back at my house.

That is one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen.

Bob became a minister.


Hello. My name is John Reindle. I work at the American Embassy in Prague.

We should remain here.

This soup tastes really great.

We're about to hit the road.

Your idea is ridiculous.

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Do you want to talk about it?

If you eat that much, you'll have a stomachache.

Susie loves Japanese music.

I often buy clothes at Michel & Rex's.

Is it true that Japanese think four is an unlucky number?

Sjouke has passed out.

I know how much Wendy meant to you.

I have a few easy questions for you.

I was told I couldn't do that.

She scared a bear away.

You can see some wild rabbits in the forest.

The police conducted an offensive against some drug dealers.

I'd like to know that too.


The teacher writes on the board.


I have high hopes for him.

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How long have you been in Bulgaria?

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He has to have an operation next week.

They're all equal.

I'm not feeling particularly hungry.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

Let's toss a coin.

A in Vietnamese is B.

Are you a model or an actor?

Patience is sometimes the most effective weapon.

I think Owen was only bluffing.

I should've asked for permission first.

"Now," said Mr. Wood.

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I just decided I'd come home early.

I want to have a proper house and garden.

It is a nice day!

We're just tired.

I have nothing to write with.

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I feel like going to the movies.

I don't live here anymore.

Mikael must've been tired.